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Allowing Your Products and Services to Take Center Stage

Network Services

Your servers and network infrastructure (including your LAN) form a crucial link between employees, customers and suppliers.


We offer end-to-end security solutions—from email and endpoint security to compliance. Our IT security services are customized to work with your IT and keep your business protected.

Desktop Service

We start with proactive support that keeps your PCs running smoothly, including periodic patch level updates, desktop backup, antiviral screening, troubleshooting and repairing broken systems and peripherals.

Application Development

RJ Technologies is the go-to resource for application development and support. Because we employ a wide range of experts.

Hosted Services

“Hosted services” is the general term for technology services with infrastructure located outside the recipient’s physical location.

Digital Marketing Services

We can help your company thrive in an ever-changing digital marketplace. The Small business struggle to adapt and grow as the internet changes around them, but those that are able to successfully embrace change eventually evolve into the extraordinary companies of tomorrow.

RJ Technologies
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