Our customer, a law firm in Cleveland, OH, came to us asking if we could help them find a solution to help retain a room full of documents digitally.  They needed to remove all the filing cabinets from the building so they could move forward with their office renovations.  Their initial timeframe was 1-2 months to scan and/or destroy over 800,000 documents.  They received estimates from document scanning service providers upwards of $80,000. We provided a couple of self-service solutions along with timeframes of each for completing the project. This included a scanner or scanners that could handle the workload along with a document imaging software solution that would make those scanned documents easily accessible and searchable for any future use.  For this specific case we went with Fujitsu Scansnap Scanner and the appropriate document imaging software.  Along with scanning the documents as searchable indexed pdf’s, we also built profiles for the customer to use when scanning specific documents.  This allowed them to create a naming schema that would add to the organization of the digital documentation.  After minimal setup and training, their staff was able to take over the scanning duties and they have now completed the project and begun renovation of the offices.  You can see from the pictures that the 800,000+ documents are no longer taking up valuable space in the office.  I spoke to one of the lawyers and she stated that having the documents in an electronic searchable state greatly reduced the time and effort when looking for archive documents.

If you want to become a paperless organization; give us a call and we can discuss a plan for you.