If you are upgrading from 2007 to 2010, it might not seem very different, but there are many new features that are very helpful including:

  • The File Menu is back, instead of having the Office Button that no one really knew was a button, we now have the file menu again, which is where we can print, email and set properties of our documents.
  • We can now make changes to the ribbon by adding your own custom group or tab and placing your most commonly used buttons in there to get to easily,
  1. Right click anywhere on the ribbon, choose customize the Ribbon, choose Add new Group at the bottom, then drop in the buttons that you want to have on that group

If upgrading from 2003 to 2010, there are many changes in the application, in fact so much that some companies are fearful of doing the upgrade.  Always keep in mind that we are here to help you through these types of transitions and will do as much training for you as needed.

  • The ribbon is new from 2003 to 07 and 10, after you get used to it for a little bit, it’s actually easier to navigate than using the buttons, because with the ribbon all the buttons are available.
  • Collaborating on documents is so much easier, it integrates very well with SharePoint and using track changes is easier to do now also
  • Live Preview is great when you want to make a font or picture change, you just hover over the new font and it displays instead of having to apply the change then undo it if you don’t like it after all.

FAVORITE NEW FEATURE: File/Save & Send/ Send as PDF, this allows you to email any Office document as a PDF without having to first save it as a PDF, then open your email and attach it.