Ryan has been technology minded for as long as he can remember, if something broke, he tried to fix it, of course not so successfully when very young, but certainly was a quick learner at an early age. He got his first computer when he was very young, and would take it apart just to see how it worked. Ryan has always enjoyed electronics, when he was 15 he started doing some small computer repairs for friends and family and we all know how that turns out, you help one, and then you have a bunch of people calling on you. Doing this made him realize that he was good at it and felt it would be a great career path for him. He worked various jobs in between, then he decided to get some official education, he is currently enrolled in the CIS (Computer Information Systems) Program at Youngstown State, he will be graduating with his CIS degree in about another year and a half, possibly looking to pursue a master’s degree in the future.

Ryan grew up in Kinsman Ohio, close to Warren, with 2 older brothers, one of his brothers is in maintenance and the other is a Sergeant for the State Highway Patrol. As he got older, he would do lawn care and car detailing to earn money and would use some of that for his love of computer gaming. Being an active gamer certainly gave him a lot of insight into the computer world and an appreciation for their capabilities. Ryan tried his hand at management in the automotive field, once he figured out it wasn’t quite meant for him, it pushed him harder into the IT path.

He is somewhat of a gear head, he loves to work with anything involving cars and motorcycles, he also owns and enjoys riding his 4 wheeler. In addition to being a gear head he’s also somewhat of a thrill seeker. Being a thrill seeker, he enjoys amusement park rides, etc, and in the spring hopes to conquer one of his many goals of going parasailing while on vacation. All we can say is…. Be careful Ryan, we need you!!

Ryan has been with RJ Technologies for over 2 years now and is a wonderful asset. At RJT he currently is taking care of desktop and computer repairs issues for clients, he is beginning to move into server maintenance and eventually wants to move up and continue to grow with the company; we look forward to that opportunity with him.