Earlier this year, IT leaders around the globe were forced to reprioritize their roadmaps, resources, and budgets to equip employees for remote work practically overnight. Suddenly, the use of video communications skyrocketed. People adjusted quickly to moving meetings online, but one of the most notable challenges driven by the shift to remote work has been to maintain the personal connections that come from the ad hoc and serendipitous conversations that happen in the physical office. 

In fact, studies show1 that a person’s voice is the signal that builds personal connections and creates clarity, which is why actually speaking with colleagues and customers is more important now than ever. The use of Teams Calling has skyrocketed as well, with Teams users making over 650 million calls in October, up 11 fold over March of this year. And on average, calls are just one-fourth the length of a typical meeting, making calling a quick and efficient way to reconnect and collaborate. 

Today, we’re announcing several enhancements to Teams Calling that make it easier for organizations and their employees to strengthen connections and create new ones with just a quick call.

Article Summary
• Streamlined calling experience into a single TEAMS location
• Save call recordings in OneDrive and SharePoint
• CarPlay (and Siri) support
• Spam identification
• Transfer calls between mobile and desktop
• Call merge
• Low-data mode
• Enhanced reverse number look-up
• Voice enabled channels (making it easier to allow for collaboration before, during, and after calls for IT or HR help desks)

For full details on these new features due to roll out mid-January 2021 through late January, click on the article link below (Source) for full details.

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