Success Stories

Stripmatic Products, Inc.

“We are all very satisfied and appreciative of the RJ Tech team and services that they have provided us so far.  I have already referred RJ Tech to a few small businesses which I am associated with.  These companies are in a similar situation where we cannot justify the expense of having our own dedicated IT staff.  We feel that the RJ Tech team has truly stepped up to the plate and straightened out several issues for us by fixing some technical problems and upgrading our outdated hardware for us.  We are consistently running our daily operations very smoothly now, and I feel better that we are no longer paying for underutilized overhead thanks to RJ Technologies.”

Bill Adler (Stripmatic Products, Inc.)


“We were in need of a quick turnaround to get a server for our new ERP system.  We contacted RJT and within days they were able to get a temporary server environment setup for remote access so the ERP vendor could get the software loaded.  In the meantime RJT was able to get a server on order and delivered to our offices the day of the previously scheduled ERP kickoff. They are now taking the next step to upgrade other aspects of our IT infrastructure including brining email in-house and a wireless environment throughout the shop and offices.”

Jim Connell (Guardian)

Specialty Lubricants Corporation

“Unlike many IT management groups, RJT has a full staff of qualified, experienced IT professionals. Response time, if marked critical, is immediate in most cases, and other times within the hour. If we have a problem or need, RJT finds and implements the solution. RJT has been servicing our company for over 10 years and they have grown right along with us helping us adapt to change and stay on top of the information technology that matters most for our business. RJT is a first class operation with superb customer focus (service, dependability, knowledge and solutions). We put our complete trust in them and they have never disappointed us.”

-Sherry Bugenske, Specialty Lubricants Corporation.

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A precision casting facility in Cleveland observed, “Their honesty and customer service orientation set them apart from their competition. They deliver more understanding and customer care than is typical for the information technology industry. I called their offices once on Memorial Day and to my surprise, Ron called right back. Their response time is unusually good for the industry and we appreciate that—a lot. They are willing and able to take ownership of development projects and see them through because they really understand and care about our business.”

-Project Manager, Bescast

Dr. Malak (Michael E. Abdul-Malak, MD., LLC)

“RJT came in and upgraded our servers and IT infrastructure including wireless capabilities for the entire office.

They played an integral part in our software upgrade.

Took on the challenge of making our office HIPAA compliant.

Implemented remote access which being a doctor on the go saves many hours of having to come into the office to get work done.”

-Dr. Malak (Michael E. Abdul-Malak, MD., LLC)

The Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank

“They come in and get the job done when we need it. They do it on a regular basis. Having a lead tech assigned and accessible to us gives us confidence and assurance that RJT is truly looking out for our best interests. That personal touch really makes the difference. They are highly responsive and stick with it until the problem is resolved. Our staff loves them, especially when they take the time to work with them and walk them through the technology in place. They really do help our people get the most from our IT investment and that means a lot as a non-profit serving the Akron-Canton Region.”

-Dan Flowers, The Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank.

Don Wartko Construction Incorporated

“Their service and response far surpasses anything we have experienced from an IT services provider and we’ve tried quite a few providers in the past. They learned our systems and our business operation quickly and they are always here for us. Because they know us so well, they make excellent recommendations on IT and direction that helps us stay focused on our business and not the underlying information technology. They provide continuity of service and really care about keeping our operation running smoothly and productively.”

-Patty Wartko

Collier & Associates

Having just found RJ Technologies recently, they were able to step right in and truly take care of business, they assessed our needs in a very timely manner and have gotten us up to speed with our network and applications, we are now running our business in a much more efficient and savvy manner. We appreciate that RJ Technologies has a great deal of knowledge among all of the staff and that they discuss our issues with us in a very understandable manner.”

-Brandon Collier

Cardinal Fasteners

“RJ Technologies brought an upgraded level of expertise to help both the Manufacturing process and Quoting departments streamline their activities thus saving Cardinal time and money.  They analyzed our needs and focused on the areas that required the most improvement on the front-end and production cycle.  RJT then took their design and created a couple of bolt-on modules that interface with our existing ERP package; greatly enhancing these particular areas.”

Bill Boak – Cardinal Fasteners

CT Taylor

” RJ Technologies was referred to us in a moment of need, we had been infected by a Crypto virus. Their team helped us remove and recover from potential loss, they got us up and running safely in a very short time. Once that was all over, we then had them audit our systems and put into place their recommendations for new hardware and system updates. We are now running on a new structure, new server and some new desktops enabling us to increase our productivity. They also now run our remote backups, manage our antivirus and do our preventative maintenance. We welcome RJ Technologies to our team.”

Les Yager – CT Taylor Co., Inc.