Application Development

Your virtual IT department from RJ Technologies is the go-to resource for application development and support. Because we employ a wide range of experts, we ensure development work is the best and most appropriate for the project at hand. We’ll modify and maintain existing applications, right-sizing projects including custom development, application enhancement, bolt-ons and maintenance for internet and intranet applications. You identify the need – our specialists prepare a fitting timeline and budget. No delay, no surprises. Our experts make sure the job is done right; once implemented, we’ll track application success and make modifications as necessary. There’s no situation we haven’t encountered!
  • Custom Application Development using Microsoft SQL-Server, MySQL, and other database systems allows us to define a software application that fits your business perfectly. Adding a web-based or XML interface offers additional flexibility. Applications can be deployed to your staff, suppliers or customers easily and efficiently.
  • Bolt-on Applications extend the functionality of existing commercial applications such as ERP, CRM, financial or other systems. We’ll help you fill in functional gaps, ensuring that systems are operating at peak productivity.
  • Data Warehouses collect all vital information, and enable revealing data analysis. Custom data warehouses provide insight and actionable information, from data analysis grids to custom reports.
  • Collaborative Applications encourage workgroups and departments to reach across the enterprise to increase productivity. Likewise business partners, suppliers and customers can be seamlessly integrated, increasing overall efficiency. Microsoft Office SharePoint Services and social tools like blogs, Wikis and document management increases communication company-wide.