Specialty Lubricants Corporation

Day-to-Day Operational Impact

RJT consistently addresses the Specialty Lubricants needs at every level including the day-to-day IT needs that impact every employee. RJT is responsive—handling upgrades to key productivity tools such as Microsoft Office and Business Contact Manager with speed and thoroughness. Ken, one of their field sales staff commented that RJT came through for him recovering his lost data within hours when he accidentally lost all of his data files including his contacts. Of course, the RJT Help Desk program ensures that response is prompt. Their staff especially likes simply logging in to ticket a job or track a problem or monitor project progress. Responsiveness is vital to Specialty Lubricants and the urgency and efficiency with which RJT responds has kept Specialty Lubricants operating at peak productivity.

Sweating the Details

No function is too small for the proficient RJT team. They integrated bar-coded inventory tracking on the shop floor that significantly improved the accuracy of inventory management in real time. Similarly, labor-tallying accuracy went up when they integrated an electronic time tracking system at individual workstations. In this case, workers can simply swipe in and out at their workstation delivering more accurate time tracking and productivity. Thanks to RJT, Specialty Lubricants can truly and proactively manage their enterprise with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

Impact on Sales Quoting

When every job requires a custom engineered solution, quoting and tracking costs is crucial to sustainable profitability. Sales executives would request a quote from the field and then the work began. Account manager Mark Egle would use an array of spreadsheets to create a cost estimate and track materials costs for future reference. It got the job done, but it was tedious to use especially when you are creating at least three detailed quotes a day on average. It didn’t really help with more strategic questions either. Higher profitability hinged on a variety of questions such as: What is the most profitable machine to use for this project? How does varying the number of workers assigned affect overall profitability? ▪ How can we track materials costs from quote to ship? ▪ How can we leverage past quotes to improve our responsiveness and profitability on future projects? The spreadsheets just weren’t cutting it. RJT analyzed their current approach and developed a database-driven system that gave them exactly what they wanted—on budget and on time. Not only are they saving significant time researching and preparing quotes, they can now look at things like overall gross profit or whether a certain machine is productive or profitable enough for a particular product run. With RJT’s help, they can derive as much profit from a machine as they would like and give their customers a better price while maintaining optimal margins. Of course, the quoting program ties directly into MAS90 so nothing gets lost from quote to invoice. With RJ Technologies’ help, Specialty Lubricants competes to win every time.