CyberSecurity and Industry Compliance Standards

Let us take the headache out of meeting strict legal guidelines and requirements when you are making changes to meet new requirements.

Legislation is evolving quickly when it comes to cybersecurity, just take a look at the EU-US Privacy Shield and General Data Protection Regulation. While these laws are put in place to protect PII from unauthorized access, navigating your way through the maze of standards and requirements can be messy. Whether you need PCI-DSS, HIPAA, or just want to apply for Cyber Risk insurance, let us help make the application and execution easier.


Network Security is a constant back and forth game between White Hats (ethical security researchers) and Black Hats (unethical agents) that requires vigilance and attention to details:

CyberSecurity Training and Awareness for Personnel

This is often the most overlooked aspect of network security by companies and organizations. It should be no surprise that Social Engineering and Phishing attacks are on the rise. While attackers have gotten better at evading spam and firewalls, the same attention has not been paid when it comes to training your people for how to identify and re-act to these types of attacks.

External and Internal Penetration Testing

There are numerous ways that your organization leaves footprints on the internet. These prints can be easy for attackers to track down. While properly updating firmware is a good start, often times improperly configured devices present the foothold that an attacker can use to launch a campaign against your business. Vulnerability scans report the known holes and ways to patch them, a thorough Penetration Test might uncover something called a Zero-Day exploit. Zero-Days are dangerous because they are undetectable by conventional means.


Security Assessments

Whether you are planning on doing business with an organization in the European Union, setting up a new credit card payment system in house, or applying for Cyber Risk insurance, you will probably need (and WANT) to have Standard Operating Procedure guides, CyberSecurity Incident Logs, and metrics to track and evaluate the overall cyber security of your company. Attackers might target you repeatedly if they think you aren’t going to respond properly after an incident.


Policy Development

Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. With a majority of employers permitting Bring Your Own Device ( personal cell phones, laptops and tablets), it can be challenging (and sometimes awkward) to make changes and adjustments. We can assist you in navigating this sensitive subject to address incident responses and controls using third party management.