With cyberattacks on the rise, many IT departments are scrambling to secure their networks from known attacks and imminent threats. For large enterprises, the solution is simple: invest in skilled cybersecurity experts. That works for large organizations but what about small and medium businesses that rely on a lean IT team or don’t have any internal IT support to manage their security infrastructure?

Just because your organization doesn’t possess the same level of security expertise as a large enterprise doesn’t mean your security stance should suffer.

How RJ Technologies can help:

1. Cybersecurity Awareness Training

    • RJT’s Cybersecurity expert(s) will come into your office and train your staff on what methods hackers will use to infiltrate your business and how to mitigate those techniques.

2. Establish a culture of security

    • RJT will help create standard operating procedures and policies regarding Cybersecurity Strategies, Risks, Threats, and Breaches.

3. Outsource detection and response

    • RJT’s Vulnerability & Penetration Testing will allow you to know your existing risk level and help you to begin moving in the right direction to close those holes to potential threats & breaches.
    • RJT also offers Vulnerability Monitoring so if a potential threat does show up on the network, the threat is flagged and the correct procedure to deal with the threat will be followed to mitigate the issue.

Maybe it is time for a yearly cybersecurity package which includes cybersecurity Audits, Penetration Test, cybersecurity training, Ongoing Vulnerability monitoring.

In the world of Information Technology, the threat-scape is ever changing. While standard practices like software updates and antivirus scans are a good place to start, the reality is that it takes far more than that to secure your network. Even the most expensive of hardware solutions can fall victim to improper configuration and management over time. This is due to changing standards and protocols that most end users are unaware of, or simply overlooked, prey to the “security through obscurity” mantra.

Couple that in with the fact that brand spanking new zero day exploits are constantly being discovered and that not all zero days are immediately disclosed to the manufacturer. Take a look at the big names who have reported data breaches in the last several years; Facebook, Yahoo, Apple iCloud services, the Department of Homeland Security and countless hospitals and private enterprises. The names in that list should not only shock you, but prove how difficult it is to secure a network. Whether the attackers utilize social engineering, a fresh zero day exploit, device-drops, or even a distributed denial of service attack pointed at your firewall, lack of connectivity to the outside world costs your business money.

While it is almost impossible to make a network or device “un-hackable”, our Cyber Security packages are designed to provide an initial baseline report of the current state of your network, and what steps need to be taken to secure it. They also include training sessions for your staff on how to spot social engineering attacks, since people are often the most overlooked and vulnerable component when it comes to network security. We also provide Standard Operating Procedures, guides, and incident response forms to track changes in tactics and vectors that attackers might use. Computer Security is an intense game of cat and mouse between black hat (malicious) hackers and white hat (non-malicious) hackers, let us help tip the scales in your favor.

We have three different packages available based on how in-depth you would like us to go, contact us to discuss these packages further.

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