We are getting more and more mobile…. Whether we like it or not, it’s happening and the better we understand how to use the technology and the available uses, the more efficient we will be.

If you have an iPad or are thinking of getting one, we can come in for short training sessions to show you how to use it effectively, we will even recommend some cool apps for you to help you manage your business to the best of your ability while on the road.

  • Get your emails and organize them on you iPad
  • Use your calendar for setting up meetings and scheduling your day
  • Get the best use out of the apps that come with your iPad
  • Use SharePlus to collaborate on documents within SharePoint
  • Access your Servers remotely
  • Use OneNote or Evernote across all devices
  • AudioNote to record and take notes during important meetings

Or just tell us what you want to be able to do with your iPad and we will help you find the best option.