Major infrastructure upgrade opens up collaboration for 35 sites spread across the US and Canada.

RJ Technologies coordinated and implemented the upgrades and installs of new Netbooks, desktops and Hosted servers for a K-12 Charter education system, as well as coordinated the efforts with contracted local cabling companies to make the necessary wiring changes to each site.  This infrastructure upgrade has shrunk the distance between campuses to be virtually invisible, communication and productivity has increased exponentially.

Preparation for this project took about a year; to discover, analyze and plan out this major improvement.  Once the project plan was in place and given the approval it took about 3 months to implement. Upon completion over 700 students and faculty had a new streamlined way to communicate and collaborate on their school work.  The effectiveness and efficiency with which this project was handled by our team has opened up the door to perform a similar upgrade to other campuses as far as Jamaica!  Unfortunately for us, since we are able to effect these improvements remotely, no sunny beaches are in our near future 🙂

These students are learning and using technology in their day to day activities, this technology is similar to corporate communication and collaboration initiatives, giving them a definite advantage for entering the workplace!