Curtis is one of our expert technicians, specializing in networking and infrastructure.  He’s one of the guys that will connect you with the world and leads the projects on many jobs.  He went to Lakeland for business management and Kent State for computer science; after several years in technology sales, his IT career started in 2000 at Lincoln Financial AdvisorsHe moved up within Lincoln pretty quickly as a systems analyst, then administrator.  He made a few career moves in the IT field and then began working with the RJ Technologies team two years ago in the networking/infrastructure department.

Curtis’ take on working with RJT: “RJ Technologies is a great group of people with a very comfortable environment to work in.  Ron is excellent about accepting and entertaining all ideas and working directly with the technicians to obtain the best solutions for our clients.” I think we all agree, that RJ Technologies is a great place to be with, either as a tech or as a client, its a win/win.

Curtis grew up in Chardon, became interested in computers at a young age and wanted to get into technology.  He is married with two teenagers and lives in Middlefield for the last eleven years with the family. His wife Jackie has been an RN since 2009 and she enjoys watching her kid’s activities.  Both kids are in high school, soccer and marching band, so he certainly keeps busy attending soccer and football games.

When time permits, he likes to do some wood working and loves to create new furniture; his son is using a set of chest of drawers that he made for him.  He has a 110 year old pool table that is a “father and son” project to restore as they have time.  Also likes to work on cars, hoping to eventually restore an old shoebox from the 1950’s with modern technology.