Growing up, Josh was a self-starter and self-motivator, when he wanted something; he found the means to get it. As a child, whatever he knew how to do, he would expand on that to find people that needed his service and get paid to do it. Eventually his talent and love for computers would lead him into working on personal computers in people’s homes.

At only 16 years old, he started contracting at a couple different companies doing basic networking, troubleshooting and repairs, at 17 he opened up a dba as TriniTech with the state. Josh learned a lot of what he knew at that time from his older brother who was a young technician as well.

Josh built his business up to almost 10 business clients, at a very young age he was running his own business. He also worked for Best Buy’s Geek Squad, where he learned a lot of computer fundamentals and repair techniques, this rounded out his knowledge very well while getting to see a variety of computer problems.

Josh was home schooled while growing up in Newton Falls, he is the youngest of 3 boys. His mom took care of them and got them through their school years, his dad has been a carpenter for over 20 years so he had some insight into the reality of running his own business and therefore was able to help Josh get started.

Josh is somewhat of a gearhead, he enjoys anything with a motor, this is also what relaxes him, he owns a CBR1000 motorcycle, that is fast and furious, he’s taken it to drag strips and raced against other riders. He also owns his own equipment for paintball, he obtained all this equipment by buying and selling paintball equipment in order to pay for his own, he certainly is quite the businessman.

If you’ve worked with Josh in the past you know that he has the patience of a saint and the ability to explain technical issues in a very clear and “human” manner. Josh is now a key player in RJ Technologies and has been with us for 4+ years, we look forward to many more with him.