Outlook forms can streamline your email chores — especially when they’re designed with your needs in mind. You can create an email form that has more fields on it than the standard To, From, and Subject.  Creating a custom Outlook form is easier than you might think. You’ll begin with a template that already contains most of the functionality you’ll need. You can add and delete fields and controls.

  1. First you will need to display the Developer Tab for use in designing the form
  2. Open the form template to work with
  3. Add default fields, or create custom fields, delete fields you do not want
  4. Add controls, such as a combo box, list of items to choose from
  5. Publish your form, then use it as a template whenever you need to.


Use Outlook voting to send an email with buttons for the recipient to choose from, then Outlook will tally all the responses for you as they come in via email.

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