“The new website has less verbiage, clutter,” said Ron Horning, owner of RJT. “The new website has been simplified to communicate how RJT can help a company with any IT related needs. We want our customers to have the confidence to pass our site on to their business relationships that could benefit from our services and relationship.”

The new website, at rjtechnologies.com, offers a cleaner homepage that clearly defines the services RJT offers. Whether it is application services development, desktop services, network services or product/program development, each area of RJT’s expertise is strategically delineated on the new site.

“The new site offers direct links to specific areas of needs/interest,” said Horning, adding a client or visitor will be able to more easily and quickly navigate through the site to find specific areas of need or interest.

Since customer service is a priority of RJT, the new site also offers a Client Support Page, where a help desk ticket system allows clients to report issues and concerns they may be experiencing.

Horning is an information technology leader with more than 30 years of cutting edge experience devising and delivering business-oriented technology solutions. He established RJT in 1994 and while the company has grown over the years, the mission has remained the same – making IT systems run smoothly, as well as integrating programming and sound business practices, and offering strategies for growth and development.

“We decided to redesign the website because we wanted easier navigation for client support,” said Horning. “It now has a clean look that will serve our purpose for many years.”