Spoofing of emails has gotten very prevalent in the last number of months. I suspect many of you have seen or heard the news about the church, St. Ambrose, getting spoofed for over 1.75 million dollars. This is, unfortunately, one of many occurrences of companies getting spoofed for a lot of money.

We have implemented a new precautionary email notice on every external email that comes in. It could have a message such as at the top of the email.

Click Smart – Sent from External Account

Since this message is only appended for the external emails that you receive, if you get an email from other internal staff you should never see this email header. But if you do see the message and it appears to be an internal email address; indicators are that the email address is slightly off and not the exact email for the internal user. The email should just be deleted.
An example – an email that should be internal for RJ Technologies from Ron Horning could be (rhornings@rjtechnologies.com) the extras added to the email address triggered it to be an external email address but since it is so close one would probably not even notice.

Having this message header added will allow everyone to take a moment to review the email address for authenticity.
We still need to be smart and not act on every email; if the email seems a little bit suspicions pick up the phone and communicate directly with the person.

If this is something you are interested in having RJT setup for you and your company; please reach out to info@rjtechnologies.com and we can discuss the next steps.