Do you have an IPAD, IPhone, Smartphone, laptop and or desktop, or all of the above?  All of these devices can work seamlessly with each other with the right tools and setup.  There are many tools or applications that you can use to connect them all together to make your work and or home life so much easier.  For instance:

  • One Note or Evernote -these applications are somewhat of an electronic notebook.  You can use OneNote on your laptop, sync it to an iCloud or Skydrive then also use that same OneNote file on your IPAD or iPhone and edit it in both places.
  • Outlook or Exchange-sync your email applications to all your devices so that you are current on your communications no matter which device you are carrying.
  • Calendars – sync your outlook or exchange calendar to a web calendar, then sync that calendar to your IPAD or smartphone, never miss an appointment again.

Sure is easier when all your devices are synced correctly, this way you only enter your information one time, instead of trying to keep all your information current on different devices.