There are great new features and a new look

  1. The new Start menu is colorful, resizable, and ultimately configurable. Best of all, you’re not stuck in one mode or the other, if you use a touchscreen or simply prefer the old Windows 8.1 style, you can still use the new Start menu in full-screen or tablet mode.
  2. You can turn notifications on or off, sounds and banners, for particular apps, just as we are now used to on our smartphones and tablets
  3. Cortana, she is similar to Apple’s Siri, you can ask her anything and she will look it up for you, if it’s on the web or on your computer she can get it for you, or she can show you the current weather and traffic on the way to work.
  4. Microsoft Edge is the first browser that lets you take notes, write, doodle, and highlight directly on webpages. Use the reading list icon to save your favorite articles for later, and then read them in reading view. Hover over open tabs to preview them, and bring your favorites and reading list with you when you use Microsoft Edge on another device. Plus, Cortana is built in to Microsoft Edge to help you do things faster and easier.
  5. Sign in and greet the day with Windows Hello If it’s available on your device, Windows Hello changes how you sign in—it uses your face or fingerprint instead of a password.
  6. All your photos in one place – No more endless searching. The Photos app collects all your photos and videos in one place. From your phone, and your PC, and OneDrive. Then, it organizes your memories into albums for you to enjoy and share.